Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Christmas

So my Dad is holding up my lousy Christmas gift to him. I asked Liz what he needed.  And since she is redecorating his house, she told me "book ends." So I bought him the only book ends I could find.  These crappy miniature chairs.  You know it's bad when my Dad makes fun of something.  He just kept looking at them with a sort of puzzled look, and made a few comments like "Well I hope no one gets mad and throws this."  (Those are my Dad's kind of jokes)  Then he tried to make me feel better by saying he would use them.  Whatever. I took them back to the store.  They really were a wretched gift.

Here are pictures from Christmas eve and the grandkids annual Nativity Quiz:

There I am sitting like a man with a guitar.
Chloe read a poem for the program that she wrote herself.  we were so proud. Here was her poem:
Christmas is here
people do not tear.
Kids play with their mits.
Kids play with snow.
what is that sound?
ho ho ho!
It's santa!
Mantha sits on santa's lap.
Santa gives a cap to Mantha.
The End

The other day we drove by the building Chloe used to take swimming lessons. I asked Macie if she wanted to take swimming lessons now.  She said , "yes!" last time we tried she screamed for the entire 45 minute lesson.
Later that night she had fallen asleep, all of the sudden she shot right up and said to me, "I ready to take swimming lessons!"
So I guess I need to get her in swimming lessons.

Other things that happened over break?
Gosh I don't even remember.  I think I will look back at this Christmas season as a blur.  I did what I had to, but I spent a good amount of time napping.  A good rule to follow is to not do a first trimester during the holidays.  It kind of puts a damper on things.  Yes that's right, I am almost 13 weeks now.  I feel very grateful.  It has been a journey to get this far.  It was a year ago I had a miscarriage.  And then I had another one a few months later.  That pretty much was lousy. And really depressing. And frustrating. So I don't take this blessing for granted.

Don had a birthday on New Years Day...we had hot dogs with some friends at our house.  It was a classy affair.

I think one of my best moments from the season was singing "O Holy Night" with the Ward Choir at our Sacrament Meeting Program.  It was surprising to me too...ward choir? usually Ward Choir is one step above carolers at your front door...or one step down.  But we sang it with the organ and the piano and then the whole congregation joined in...and there it was...I found the true meaning of Christmas.  Funny how those moments usually happen at the times you least expect them and in the simplest ways.

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ottspot said...

Yay for you and Yay for Adam! Will this be a June baby? Or in other words, will this be a super pregnant for Adam's wedding baby? :-)