Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chloe showed me this picture this afternoon.  It took a long time for me to understand what she was telling me.  But I finally got it.  
She had a cup outside. She placed this piece of paper by the cup outside when she went inside for a little bit. The picture is a diagram to show that she had put a piece of "IS" (ice) in it.  And she was waiting for it to turn into "wodr" (water).
The reason she drew this picture was to tell the cats that hang around, why she had a cup outside and that they should not mess with her cup.
She told me the pictures were for the cats because they can't read read, obviously.  And the words are for the people.  Because they can read, obviously...hopefully.

Apparently she felt the need to leave this sign by her cup outside because we have a problem with cats rummaging through our garbage every night.  (This might be my fault.  I have a very difficult time remembering to take the garbage out to the alley so every morning we awake to the contents of our garbage bag dispersed along our back patio.  You would think that picking up dirty diapers and used kleenex would be enough to convince me to go out to the alley before bed, but no.  It happens every. single. morning.)  

I love chloe.  

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