Friday, August 16, 2013

Chloe and her hair...she kills me.  She has red, curly hair.  And she hates it curly. 
And she also hates when I try to help her pick out her outfit.
She told me the other night, "Mom you want me to do things like you.  But I want to be myself."
 We got this toy this week that I hate.  Chloe picked it out online as a prize from Don.  I had no idea it was a mini lego thing.  So it stresses me out trying to keep track of all the minuscule pieces.  Chloe and Macie love it though.  And Macie is the one I can count on to spread out the minuscule pieces throughout the house and on my camouflage carpet.  My carpet is the black hole for all things small.
So there's this Barbie with the toy and Chloe begged me to do her hair like the Barbie.  Including the blue bow.  And then she wanted to take a ton of pictures.

Macie is so sad when Chloe goes to school.  Every day she has  a tantrum when Chloe gets out of the car and screams "I wan go wi youuuuuuuuu!!!!!"  So I took her to her own "preschool" yesterday.  we got her little backpack out and she was so excited.  When she walked in the room with all the kids, she waved and said "Hi guys!!"  She was excited to go see her "frens."

Chloe read me a story.  Just like a teacher.
I also really like this crown.  I think she did a pretty awesome job.

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