Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Crowdiest, Sweatiest, Expensivist (but I still love it!) Happiest Place on Earth!!

 We just got back from our trip to Disneyland. I have wanted to take Chloe for 2 years now, and we finally did it!  We had an amazing time.  Now we just need a vacation from our vacation.  It's true that Disneyland is a lot of work.  And exhausting.  And ridiculously expensive and crowded, yet I would do it all again next week if we could. (Don on the other hand...)
I did learn a few things in how to Disneyland right next time.
* You only need the Park Hopper that allows you to do one park per day.  You pay extra to be able to switch back and forth, and it mostly just accounts for more walking.
*Bring Chelsey.  We got to the front of all the lines with her.  Except it still was somewhat of a wait.  If it wasn't summer, we probably would have not to wait much at all.
*Do go in the off season. 
* Do bring an adult that doesn't care about going on any of the fast rides so that no one minds sitting back and watching the babies.
*Do bring snacks.  Don't pay 10 bucks for a hot dog.  Go to the Pier and get Mexican food instead!
*Take a lot of breaks. Sit and watch the shows.
*Bring an adult stroller. ; )
*Do put comfort over fashion.  Arrange your outfit around your most comfortable shoes, not arranging your shoes around your outfit.
*Switch shoes half way throughout the day so your feet get a break.
*Go for at least 2 days so you don't feel stressed trying to get everything in as fast as you can.  It's exhausting.
*use a map instead of walking around the whole flipping park trying to find the good food.

We left AZ at just the right time of day.  The time of day when the sun shines straight in your eyes for 3 hours.  Macie covered herself with a window shade so she could watch her movie and keep the sun out of her face.


 we spent way too much money of souvenirs. Chelsey picked out this Goofy hat.  I am sure she will get a lot of wear out of that hat  It is a very versatile accessory.
 Macie and Chloe picked out some Princess Minnie Mouse Ears.  It was a really difficult decision for them.  For two days Chloe just kept asking to go to the "Princess Bowtique" where they put your hair in a bun for only a small fortune.  So I convinced her to get a crown instead.  When we ran into Cinderella, she desperately asked me again to take her to the Bowtique so that she could have princess hair when she met her.  I sacrificed the bobby pins in my own hair and did a shotty job at a bun in hers, and she was pacified for about 15 minutes until she decided that the bun was not high enough and that I needed to do it over again.  (This conversation happened several times over the course of our trip).
 See: Princess hair!

Chelsey wanted to meet Cinderella too, unfortunately I didn't realize that until after my girls were done. So we improvised and just had Chelsey photo bomb someone else's picture.


 The girls loved The Little Mermaid ride.  And Macie loved the Finding Nemo ride.  She put her hand on my arm, I think just to feel safe because it was dark in the sub, but she was captivated looking out through the window.

 Macie was in heaven on the caterpillar ride.  Probably because it drove by huge pieces of food.
 Both the girls fell asleep before we could leave the park.  That was fun trying to get them out of the park and into the hotel while completely asleep.
 Macie talked on some pay phones in Tomorrow Land, which I found ironic.  It's funny that Tomorrowland is really Yesterday land.  It's so retro.  But that's part of its charm.

They had a great time dancing with their new Minnie ears.
 And Macie did a little meditating on the tea cups.  Probably so she wouldn't throw up.

 she grew tired of the tea cups very quickly.  A common complaint of the tea cups.
 Small world and the train ride were a nice relaxing ride.

 This must have been when she saw Ursula.

 Other highlights:
Chelsey rode on the California Screamer twice and loved it.  She got all the way to the front of the line and was about to get on.  But I guess she was nervous because she said she had to use the bathroom first before she got on the ride.  So Don ended up having to get out of line to take her to the bathroom.
The swinging Farris wheel with all of us was awesome.
Chelsey rode on Space Mountain three times.
 Chloe's favorite ride was the new Cars ride.  She rode that one twice.  Cars land is really cute and fun. 
We loved watching the Bugs Life show.
Macie HATED the roller coaster in toon town.

We saw a good amount of both parks over the two days we were there. All in all, it was a success. 
On our way out of CA, we stopped at Joe's Italian Ice and our friend (and owner) of Joe's, hooked us up with some delicious frozen desserts.

 On our way out I told Don we needed to stop by the beach since we were so close.  And I take responsibility for the chain of events that happened as a result.  I only intended to stay for a few minutes and then leave.  But we ended being there more than 2 hours.  Which resulted in us all getting sunburned:


2 days at Disneyland in the sun and heat, and it was the 2 hours at the beach that did us in.
I don't regret going to the beach.  I just regret not wearing our bathing suits, not bringing towels, and not wearing hats or sunscreen.  Oh, and not having a place to go clean off after going to the beach. it was rather poor planning on my part.
Macie got pelted by a wave within the first 3 minutes we were there.  Got completely soaked and covered in sand.  She was not happy about that. 
But they loved the beach and playing in the sand.  Chloe was horrified by the seaweed and stayed far away from the water.  I was surprised at how quickly Macie recovered though, and let me put her feet in the water.
I think Chelsey enjoyed it the most of everyone.  She kept remarking at how good it felt on her sore feet to have them covered in water and sand. 
Unfortunately our little trip to the beach put us right in the middle of rush hour traffic trying to get out of town, which I think was Don's favorite part of the whole trip. 
My favorite part of the trip was Chloe not making it to the bathroom in time at Del taco and peeing all over herself and the bathroom floor. 
I just love cleaning up accidents in public restrooms.

All in all, we had a really fun trip and I am sad it is over so soon.  But luckily it is 118 degrees here so that's nice.

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