Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day.  We had our traditional Mother's Day lunch at Leonore's house on Saturday. And Chloe also "lost" her first tooth.  Apparently you don't tell Grandpa Rey that you have a loose tooth because he will yank it out unexpectedly. 
Losing her tooth was quite traumatic for Chloe. Tears have been shed over the loss of her lower chomper. And she worriedly asked me, "What will happen if I lose all my teeth and then I can't chew my food?"
  In fact she hasn't even turned it in to the Tooth Fairy yet.  Don told her that she has to give up her tooth to the tooth fairy if she wants her money.  But she cried and said she didn't want the tooth fairy to take it and turn it into magic.
So then I said that we could just write the tooth fairy a note and ask if she could just leave the tooth and also some money. (Brilliant idea, me thought)
However, Don nixed this idea and privately told me that this is how people grow up and can't make decisions. "You can't have your cake and eat it too," he says.  Apparently it is our job as parents to teach our children this crappy life lesson. pfft.   "If you can't make a decision about a tooth when you are can't pick a major when you are 18."
And since I couldn't pick a major when I was 18, or decide if I wanted to get married at 23,  I think he might have a valid point.
She told me today that she is ready to turn the tooth in so she can get money for Disneyland.
Is the tooth fairy doling out 100 dollar bills these day?
Because if so, I might pull a few of my own teeth out.
Ever since Chloe lost her tooth, she has been speaking with a lisp.
And to be honest, I miss Chloe's non-lispy voice.

So Sunday Don was a superstar husband.  He got the kids ready for church and made me lunch and did A LOT of dishes.  And he even took Macie home from church to change a nasty diaper.  Now I know he loves me.  He will do anything to get out of a changing a poopy diaper.  And he bought me a delicious pie.  So it was a nice, nice day.

I am so grateful for my children who have made me a Mother. One of the things that was hard to wrap my brain around after my Mom died, was that I had no one to call "Mom" anymore.  And I so missed that word and everything that it meant.  I am so grateful that I have that word back in my life, and it is used, it seems like, a billion times every day.  I love being able to repay all the things my Mom did for me, back to my own children.  And in that way, part of my heart has been healed, and I feel connected to her.  Because motherhood is a chain that can never be broken. There is nothing in the world as strong as a Mother's love for her children.
I also thought about my friends yesterday who find Mother's Day to be a difficult day.  Friends who have lost children, or can't have children for various reasons, and really feel that void in their life. And other friends who have lost their Mothers as well. I want them to know their value as a woman.  Motherhood means so much more than physically bearing children. I have had many mother figures in my life, and obviously they did  not physically bring me into this world.  But they have been "mothers"-they've supported me and loved me and comforted me like only a woman can.  I don't mean to sound trite, I know that nothing can replace a child or your Mother.  I just know that everything will work out in the end.  And women are just...awesome.

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