Friday, April 12, 2013

Chloe the Life Coach

The past couple days Chloe has been talking about this girl named Emma in her class. "Emma this..." and "Emma that...."  Mostly it is about her pretty blonde hair and her "fancy" clothes, and that she drew a picture of her bedroom and she has a lot of beautiful barbies.
After school yesterday Chloe told me, "Mom, I've been thinking that I want to improve my life."
I thought maybe she had something really profound to say...but instead, it just made me laugh (and sigh).
"Ya, I've been thinking.  I need some fancier clothes.  Emma has lots of fancy clothes.  So I need some new fancy clothes.  Will you take me to Target to buy some?"
And then she wanted to take a shower so her hair would feel soft, and then she got dressed and came out with her purse and said that she was ready to go to Target to buy  some clothes.
We didn't go to Target, by the way, to buy some new clothes.
She also told me that she just needs some fancier clothes, but that she likes her red, curly hair, "it's I don't need to have yellow, short hair like Emma."
So that's good.
The other day she also told me that she liked her freckles.  Which was nice, because in the past she has told me that she hates her freckles.  I asked her why she liked them now.  And she told me it was because I (me) have freckles.  (tiny tear)

In Macie news, I got her a drink and she went to the drawer to pick out a straw, and she fished around for the pink one.
She also found an eye patch sitting around my house and put it on and said "argh."
I am so grateful for my little girls.  They are so, so good.

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