Saturday, March 2, 2013

First World Problem #145

I have created a monster.  2 actually.  Okay that is a little dramatic, but when it comes to clothes, they are monsters.  It is probably my fault being that I, also really like clothes. And dressing fancy. 

I love Easter dresses.  Every Easter my Mom usually made (or bought from "Mini World," a dress store for girls, dedicated to all things over the top 1980's ) our dresses.  As well as matching accessories, one year it was a straw bonnet adorned with fake flowers.  That was the year we were dressed as Little Bo Peep. Remember that Liz? Weren't you like 12?!
So anyway, I love me a sweet Easter dress.  Unfortunately my girls and I do not share the same taste. 
Which you might say, who cares? Make them wear it anyway!  I have given up that battle long ago.  I prefer to swim with the current on this one, not upstream. I have bought clothes in the past for Chloe, which still remain unworn (or worn once).  It brings a little tear to my eye. Oh the beautiful things she could wear....but won't. 

Oh well.

But when it comes to Easter Dresses, that is where I draw the line.  I must love the dress. So that is difficult to find, a dress that both Chloe and I love.   Look at the dress above.  So sweet! Chloe said she doesn't like the buttons...or the bow on the back.  In fact, Chloe won't wear anything with a bow on the back.
That eliminates about 90% of the dresses out there. 
 She also didn't approve of the above.  How could you not like a colorful wrap dress?
This one, I think she gave so-so marks to.  I think it is dreamy.  I might force her to wear this one.  And then it will remain in her closet for a year, never to be worn again. 

Macie's Easter dress I put on, and she immediately tried to tear it off.  I guess it is not poofy enough for her.  That seems to be Macie's only requirement-poofiness. 

Well like I said, first world stupid problem, I acknowledge that.  Tomorrow I will be complaining about the price of certain aged cheeses or why my smart phone battery only lasts a day without having to be recharged.

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Liz said...

LOL. The third one was my favorite. Tell Chloe Aunt Wizzie loves the third one and wants her to wear it. I doubt it will help. I don't think I have influence anymore! But it's worth a try. ;)