Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll:
At the Doctor's office Macie pointed to everyone in the room and labeled them:
"Mommy! Baby! Daddy! Daddy!"
I asked her about the older gentleman who just walked in and she replied,

Mr Hyde:
I made a horrible Mom mistake in letting Macie try on a Princess dress and shoes at the store.  In making things easier for myself in the present, I am made things miserable for myself in the future.  Eternal Principle #3:  Things that are generally easiest to do or to avoid in the present, will come back to bite you in the butt in the future.  Examples: procrastinating a term paper, eating 5 krispy Kremes, staying up all night, dating an idiot....the list goes on indefinitely.  I digress.
Anyway, when it came to leaving, I had to literally pry the dress off my daughter amid blood curdling screams, ninja kicks, a six year old stranger who hasn't learned yet that it is rude to blatantly stare at a fool from 2 feet away, and other irritated onlookers.  Badly done Melissa, badly done.  
In the car, I told Macie she could not cry like that, and that I couldn't buy that dress for her.  
She turned her head to the side, her chin quivered, and she avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the drive home.
Man 2 year olds are smart.  And also, really hard.
But really, really cute,

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