Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chelsey has a new obsession this week.  Some Nintendo system that I know nothing about.  She talks and talks...and then talks some more about needing money so she can buy it.
And she also wants to earn the money so she can buy it herself, because she wants to act like an adult.
So I swooped in with the idea that we could make a flier promoting her services. And she could give the flier out to people she knew, that way she could have more employers than just Dad.
Must to my astonishment she actually seemed excited by the idea.
So we began talking about what kind of services she could offer.
I suggested playing with children so that Moms can get some things done around the house.
She smiled.
Then I said, "How much do you think you want to charge for your services? Like how much would you charge to babysit some children for an hour?"
She thought about it for a minute before finally concluding, "I don't know.  A hundred dollars?"
I said, "hmmmm...well you might have to lower your fee."
She said, "Okay...50 dollars?"
I said, "Uh, still to high."
She said, "Fourty, thirty??"
I said, "Maybe more like 5."
She replied, "pfft. (sigh) okaaaay."

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