Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chloe made my day today.  She got herself up, got dressed, and packed her lunch without any supervision.  It was her "surprise" to me.  It was indeed an amazing gift to not have the usual morning prodding and frantic pushing out the door.  And she stayed true to her word, no skirt today.  I hope her friends wear skirts again to school so she will want to start wearing them again. 
Last week we had a "Valentine's Party."  Chloe is obsessed with Valentine's Day.  So we had a party last week.  Basically a few of her little friends came over and frosted some heart shaped brownies.  And they made some paper chains to count down to Valentine's Day.  I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with those party plans without 1. having to look on pinterest or 2. having to go to the store.  Okay, well I did have to buy some baking ingredients, but still...  I am glad that 5 year olds have very low party expectations, and I would like to keep it that way.

 Also, Macie loves 1. swinging and 2. shoes.  Those are probably her favorite things right now.

 Her birthday was very low key.  We just had dinner as a family, but Don bought us some red paper plates, balloons, a bubble maker, and just what we always need more of (not)- junk food.  Macie loved the balloons.  But she didn't even care about the cake that I slaved over.  But I have to be honest, the cake was rather disappointing. I have come to realize that I am not good at baking, nor presentation.  My cakes are always lopsided and ugly, and sometimes they don't even taste that great.  I think I don't make cakes enough.  They are not my favorite dessert, so I don't bother making them unless I have a specific reason too. I would much rather have brownies, or a chocolate chip cookie, or a delicious apple crisp with ice cream.  Cake is usually so bland.  Except for texas sheetcake.  That is manna from heaven.

 I love the papers that come home from the school counselor.  Every once in awhile she must have to come in and give a presentation to the class.  I like reading the advice to parents. You know like, talk to your kids about not hitting other children and other helpful parenting advice.  This is the drawing Chloe drew for their discussion on what to do if they feel angry.  Chloe drew herself sleeping...under a rainbow fan.  I also love that every worksheet that Chloe brings home, is decorated like a rainbow.  Every. Single. One.  So I guess if Chloe gets angry with one of her friends at school, she can just go find a bed on the playground and take a nap.  Like I said, the school counselor is proving to be very helpful.
And more on Chloe's obsession with Valentine's day.  Here is a list of things to do with Valentine's Day.  I don't know what she intends to do with it.  Maybe she just wanted to make a list of gift ideas.  I hope she gives me a Valentine's Pie.

Speaking of gifts, I finally understand the purpose of Pinterest! It is my Gift list for Don!  and I know how much he loves those!  No need to post them on here anymore!  ; )

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