Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas morning

 Christmas morning Chloe wandered into our room.  I made the mistake of saying, "did you look under the tree yet?"  and it wasn't until I said that, did she remember that it was Christmas.  She was so tired she must have sleep walked into our room and forgot that it was morning she had been anxiously counting down to.  As soon as I said that though, it was all over, and our Christmas began!
 She got her Silverlicious book....
 and let's be honest, that dress was a gift to myself.

 Don picked out a perfect gift for Macie, a fake hamster.  And by the way, I never, EVER want a real hamster.  Our other goldfish finally died, it lived 2 weeks.  and I actually felt a little sad when it died.  I felt like I had failed it.  On the other hand, I was a little relieved, because every morning I woke up and went to check to see if it had died yet.
 Macie loves her shopping cart.
 Chloe got some new school clothes...fancy school clothes of course.

 macie got a quiet book, she loves putting the animals in their correct homes.
 After we opened our presents, we prepared breakfast and my Dad and sisters and brother and girlfriend came over.  Which was perfect.  I love 2 unwrapping sessions.
 We really scored this Christmas...I always feel so incredibly blessed after Christmas.  I realize how incredibly blessed we are, in every way.  we have a wonderful support system of family and friends, all of our needs are met and many of our wants as well.  I feel humbled by how blessed we are.

 And I got my dishes, my Dad is the best!  Now, I just have to have someone over for dinner, because these will not be used for people under 12.
 My brother got us a DVD player which is super awesome.  Now we can watch DVDs on our tv, not our laptop. 

Christmas was spent lounging around and we went to bed like at 8:30 PM that night.  All the celebrating made us VERY tired.  Even Chloe put herself to bed at 8. 
Oh, and look at this advent stocking line I made for next year.  I got all these stockings at target the day after Christmas.  I am super excited to use it next year.  My friend gave me this idea.  You put a slip of paper in each stocking with some Christmas-y thing to do on the days leading up to Christmas.  And probably some chocolate too....

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