Friday, December 21, 2012

This post is dedicated to Macie.  Macie is merging closer and closer towards 2. I love this stage because their little personalities come alive.  She can say a few words and has more control over her body which means she is constantly doing hilarious things  This stage is also hard because she is exerting her independence more and more and thus she is trying to gain control of everything that she can.  And thus begins the power struggle, the hardest part of parenting. 
She has been making me laugh a lot lately:
1. she loves to dance.  she takes my hand and leads me to the piano where she jibber jabbers that she wants me to turn the piano music on so she can dance.  When the music starts, she puts her arms up in the air and twirls around.
2. She only wants to wear summer dresses.  She puts up a fight when I try to put leggings on underneath or when I insist she wears a jacket.  She throws a tantrum for 10 minutes.  note:  I DO NOT enjoy the tantrum part of this stage. 
3.  I noticed the other day that she has started singing to herself.  Randomly I heard her going around singing what sounded like Jingle Bells, minus the words.  I thought maybe it was just by chance that she was making tones that sounded like Jingle Bells.  But no, she is definitely singing Jingle Bells. 
4. She waves hi and bye to everyone, even strangers.  she is also very good at saying "bye."

We really enjoy Macie. I am so glad she is part of our family.


Brooke said...

Jingle Bells! You are correct. We sing that song repeatedly during Nursery singing time and I let them shake jingle bells simultaneously. Glad to hear they actually enjoy it because I was starting to wonder as they stare blankly back at my face while I do a solo act.

Liz said...

aww! Nursery learning!