Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chloe's poem, V-Day and Presidents Day

 Valentines Day was on Saturday this year, but It seems we had a  whole Valentine's Day weekend. Chloe of course wanted a valentine's day outfit to wear to her school party on Friday.  Macie didn't have any particular wishes, well except for candy, but that is every day.
(by the way, I was given chocolate truffles and today Macie told me that she would put them under her bed so that they wouldn't melt. She is always looking out for me.  I am confident I will never see those truffles again.  also, another funny Macie story...she was complaining of her ear hurting, we figured it was water in her ear so we told her to go lay down in her bed so it could come out.  she said, "But I don't want to get my bed all wet.")
Anyway.  After school and after Macie had her Valentine's party at Music Makers, I took them to the Mesa Childrens Museum with some of their friends.  And we also got lucky and ran into Danny and Mo.  Later that evening, Liz took Chloe to a ballet.  When Liz showed up to pick up Chloe, Macie answered the door, saw Liz's sparkly dress and said, "Your dress is bootiful."  Chloe had a fun time at the ballet and apparently asked Liz a lot of questions about what was going on.
Saturday was a busy day, nothing to do with Valentine's Day.  Went to the gym, Soccer games, breakfast with Heather for her birthday, played piano for a funeral, all before 2 PM.  Chloe really wanted to have a party so we played heads up 7 up as a family and the girls gave me a mammoth size valentine as well as handmade cards throughout the day.  They were so sweet. Then that evening we had Stake Conference. So for Valentine's Day we went to church.  I have to hand it to Don though.  He actually thought ahead and made a really nice dinner for us all on Sunday.  I did nothing. I took a nap while he cleaned and cooked and then cleaned again.  It was very domestic of him.  He was a way better valentine than I was.  Sunday evening we went to the Paun's house for dessert night.  So the weekend was jam packed and then I got a cold, which is what usually happens after a busy weekend.
 I took these pictures of Oscar at Macie's swim lesson.  He was very interested watching the kids swim. Also, I love this thing he does with his mouth,
 Yesterday was President's Day and I was so happy Chloe didn't have school.  We met up with Rachelle and her kids in Anthem.  We found a really fun park. We had a picnic, rode a train, and let the kids soak up the sun and beautiful weather.  Although I think I might have ruined Chloe.  She was complaining that it was too hot.  I might have a tendency of complaining about the weather being hot. Don told me that he would give me $10,000 if I didn't complain about the weather for a whole year. He was completely serious.  I already failed. But it has been in the 80's in February. Come on!!
Last week Chloe came home from school with this poem. She said she wrote it during her free time she earned in school for being "on pink."  It is part of her classroom reward system for good behavior.  She told me she was allowed to pick one friend to participate in her free time activity. She picked a girl with some diagnosed social difficulties, but her teacher said she needed to pick someone else because she was not making good choices that day.  I asked chloe why she picked her, and Chloe said, "Well she is new in class, and I didn't think anyone else was ever going to pick her."  Hearing that filled me with happiness.  Chloe is an amazingly sensitive and conscientious child.  I look up to her, she is genuinely kind.  I was so impressed with this poem she wrote:
"When things get hard just start.  You might get it right.  Don't be sad be glad for all your blessings."

I wish I could take credit for her wisdom, but I certainly cannot!  In fact, I have decided to take Chloe's advice from now on.  When things get hard...just start.  Isn't that the truth-the hardest part is always the starting.  I asked her if her teacher tells her this ("no!") or perhaps Dad? ("no!")  "I just came up with it in my own mind!"
Like I said, she's pretty amazing.  (and so are Oscar and Macie. I am a middle child.  I get it.)

Macie's 4th, and other stuff

 Macie turned 4 last week (boo!!)  And Oscar turned 7 months 2 days later (boo!!)  These kids need to stop growing up.  It is making me mad.  I have a plethora of pictures like the one above, taken at the request of Macie.  She likes her picture taken,
 And Chloe wanted her picture taken too taking silly pictures.  I probably shouldn't be encouraging selfies.  Nobody thinks selfies are funny or cool, except for the person in the selfie.  So here are some selfies that are neither funny or cool.
 Except for one thing, Chloe's adult front tooth and surrounding baby teeth are a sight to behold.

 So Macie turned 4.  She had a pretty spectacular day.  A spectacular day for a spectacular girl.  We asked Macie if she wanted a party at Peter Piper Pizza OR a tablet, it took a few days of consideration, but she decided on a tablet.  Thank goodness.  In the morning Macie went to the children's museum with her friends Anna, Elise, and Brookie, and then she was invited by Brookie to go visit her Grandma's house.  That worked out great because it gave me time to run to the store to get stuff for her requested carrot cake.  I am still baffled that she picked carrot cake.  I cook. But I don't really bake.  I picked a cake that had unanimous praise on pinterest, and it paid off, The cake was fantastic.  I also tried to do this thing I saw on Pinterest where you put a bouquet of balloons in a box and when you open the box, balloons float out.  Of course it didn't work.  The stupid balloons just got stuck in the box and I got frustrated.  So I just put the balloons out by the front door so she could see them when she got home.  We watched from the window, and Macie had a pretty blase response.  So that was a fail.  Then I put on a birthday ribbon, and sent her off to soccer practice and I came back and finished the cake.  After that we had a small family party with cake and pizza, her other requested food.  It was then that she received her kid tablet, and Grandpa spoiled her with the jeep that pulls the doll trailer he gave her at Christmas.  Fernanda and Adam gave her a kid Twister game and the kids had fun playing that too.  The best part of the whole day for me was when she blew out her candles and she said her wish was that "we can stay together."  (sniff sniff)  We love our Macie.

Oscar is pretty fantastic.  I took him swimming for the first time today.  We had a Mommy and me swimming lesson.  He thought it was the best thing that has ever happened to him.  He smiled and kicked his legs the whole time.  Then I took him to the practice pool for another half hour and he continued with his cooing and smiling and kicking. And then after we got out, he cooed for another half hour.  I was pretty sure he was going to love it considering his favorite thing to do is take a bath.  That and eat.  Both eating and bathing make him very ecstatic to be alive.

These are some more pictures of us at the Downtown Phoenix Super Bowl Party.

This bag is the reindeer food Chloe forget to leave out for Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve.  Actually I believe it was lost.  Anyway I love the note Chloe wrote to Sugar the Elf instructing her to give the reindeer the food when she returned to the North Pole.
Grocery shopping is not *quite as painful now that Oscar can *sort of sit in the baby seat.
Macie whispered to me a couple Sundays ago during church that "If you don't believe in Jesus, you get stoned by bad guys.  But not monsters because monsters aren't real. But bad guys are."
She also told me she could make me a necklace and then proceeded to take a strand of her hair and put a spit bubble on it for the jewel. It was lovely.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Night In Paris, Super Bowl, Orchestra Concert

This past weekend we went to Paris. Yes. We had to drive just 5 minutes to get there.  The Stake made a huge production of it and we had swell time.  There were performances from each ward.  Our ward did a kid instrument band to "Zippidity Doo Dah" and somehow I was put in charge of getting the thing put together.  Thanks to Jimmy Fallon for the inspiration because I was really drawing a blank.  The evening was also a dance, which was really fun.  My family came too.  How often do we dance together? Never.  I am one of the weirdos that actually loved church dances, so this was a dream come true. ; )  

This is me trying to be Liz's "little" sister.  She gets mad at me when I wear heels and make her look really short.

And this is a really bad picture of Liz.  So of course I had to share it.

Don took the girls to the symphony a couple weeks ago.  I didn't go because there was no one to watch Oscar.  He told me that when the orchestra was tuning up, Macie said. "They sound really bad!"  Then when they played for real, she got really excited and asked at the end of the first few songs, "are they going to play another one?"  Then as the performance began to get lengthy, she said, "are they going to play another one?" Same words.  Much different meaning.  I played in orchestra, and that's how I felt PLAYING, can imagine how a 3 year old felt listening.

A couple weeks ago the Super Bowl came to Arizona.  We were stupid and thought it would be a fun plan to take all our kids to downtown Phoenix for the free pregame party.  It was fun for about 5 minutes.  Excessive crowds and children and a stroller = what is the fastest way to get out of here.  Unfortunately there is no fast way to get out of a city infested with 45 million people and all of them trying to get out on the Lightrail.  (It was good practice for the Apocalypse, although I suppose people will be in a worse mood when the world is ending.)  This is a picture we took in front of a green screen, which looks like we also went to a party in Mexico city.  Also, the actual Super Bowl game was fun to watch this year, which is saying something because I careth not about football. The morning of the game we woke up to heavy fog. I cannot remember the last time I saw fog here.  By the afternoon the weather was perfection. We had a nice family afternoon watching on the tube.  Macie and I were rooting for the Sea Hawks just because Don was rooting for the Patriots, so Don though it would be more interesting if we had teams.  Macie and I lost.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

From Don's Phone

 We are so proud of Macie! She finally passed her survival swimming courses. Now she can move on to learning the strokes and hopefully be on the swim team this summer.  It feels great knowing 2 out of 3 kids are safe around water.  And she was so proud of herself.

 when Don told her that if she passed this level she could move on to earning medals instead of ribbons she said, "shiny medals?"  I wish I had been there to witness that conversation.
 The girls are also doing soccer right now.  Macie was instantly excited.  Chloe took a little longer to warm up to the idea, I think she was afraid of the ball, and losing, but I think she likes it now.

 That's a good look, Macie.

 To pass the last level of survivor swim courses, she had to go swimming in her clothes.  She HATED, I mean, HATED the idea.  But once she did it, she was okay with the idea.  I agree with her though. It looks very uncomfortable.

Thank goodness for Home Depot Craft day and all the lovely crafts that find their way into my house,

More Thanksgiving 2014


 Back in December we went to see Kylie off on her mission.  We drove up Saturday and back on Sunday.  We got see Grandma Mary and stay in a hotel, which is always a plus for the girls.

 And the girls got to take home baggies of sugar cookies for the ride home.  You can imagine their excitement.

more Ward Christmas party

(So I think Don went home early because he was not feeling well . Hence there are no pictures of him.  But this picture looks like...well...it looks like Oscar has 2 Moms.)