Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chloe and 2 of her friends tried out for their school talent show a couple days ago.  They sang....wait for it..."Let it Go." (along with about 10 other groups). But that is what they wanted to do, so to differentiate them from all the other groups, we had them wear costumes and they also had little bells to chime as they sang.  And I accompanied them on the piano instead of just karaoke style.  Unfortunately as soon as the other kids realized I could play the song, I started getting asked if I could play for them too.  We will find out probably today if they made it.  Secretly I would not be disappointed if they didn't as they practice twice a week for like 3 weeks in a row and parents have to attend every practice.  Macie was ticked that she didn't get to sing too.  we have entered a new stage where Macie screams at me everything that she wants to do.  Or doesn't want to do.  Or just her observations of people and things.  It goes something like this:!!!!!!!  (Now in your mind picture that in a very loud, very raspy voice)
etc. etc.
And if she does not like your response, she just yells it louder.
She has been spending a lot of time in her room lately.
Yesterday was not a great Mom day for me. She told me I needed to go to time out.  And then Don took the girls swimming.  When she came back she told Don, "I'm going to go see if Mom is happy now."
And, by the way, I was.
P.S. Elsa dresses are nowhere to be found.  Biggest oversight in history.
Also, why do all little girls want to be Elsa?  An Elsa dress on Amazon goes for $200.  Anna is *only $50.
Why don't they prefer Anna? She is the likable sister.  She is the one that is fun. And nice.  And not moody.  Elsa just spouts off cryptic, vague messages that everyone else around her is just supposed to be okay with. "I wish it could always be like this.  But it CAN'T."
Ooooookkkaaaay.  Guess I will leave you alone now.
"Wanna build a snowman?"
Answer? Silence.  For like 10 years.
Every time I watch "Frozen" (which might be in the hundreds by now) I get a little more annoyed by Elsa.  I just want to yell at her! Get a spine and stop running away and making everyone else deal with your problem!
That's all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kid stories

So today I was giving piano lessons, and in walks Macie acting like she was going to die.  She was all sweaty and demanding to be held. She told me her tummy hurt but when I asked if she needed to throw up or go to to the bathroom she shook her head no.  She was acting so strange and fidgety, I had no choice but to cancel the lesson.  I didn't know what I could do for her so I just held her, which even that didn't seem to help.  She almost fell asleep, but every time she was close, she woke back up with a pained expression on her face.  Then, she popped up, jumped off the couch and announced that she needed a diaper. RIGHT. NOW. I was perplexed being that she already had a pull up on, but I hurried and put a diaper on her.  Instantly she told me she felt better.  And then told me cheerfully that she needed to go to her room.
I assumed she meant she would be going #2.  I gave her a few minutes and went and checked on her.
No #2.  But she told me she had gone pee and that she was all better now.
And after a very confusing conversation, as most are with 3 year olds, I deducted the following.
1. Her tummy hurt because she was holding in her pee.
2.  She was afraid to go pee in her pull up because she was under the impression that it would "fall out."  (I guess in her mind she thinks the pull ups are actually underwear)
3. She was afraid she would get in trouble for peeing and making a mess. (which made me feel bad that the poor girl was putting herself through torture, but on the other hand, good grief, why didn't she just go use the toilet?)

I have given up on potty training and I have not pushed the issue for awhile.  But after this I now know for sure one thing. Macie has the ability to control her bladder.  That doesn't mean she is actually going to use the toilet any time soon.  Obviously she just really likes going to the bathroom in her diaper and that is it.

In other news, pictures to make you feel better about yourself:

So my bro is getting married in May.  And I have been looking for something to wear that didn't make me look and feel like a stuffed sausage.  So far I have failed.  I bought this dress online.  It is not maternity, but I felt like it would work as a maternity dress because of the high waistline.  But let's all just be real here, I look like a sad sack of bland potatoes.
I asked Chloe what she thought.  She told me, "Would it hurt your feelings if I told you the truth?"
I said, "No, you can tell me the truth. I promise."
And then she said, "Well is that dress supposed to be for pregnant people?"
And I said, "No, why?"
And then she said, "Well, I think that you should wear clothes made for pregnant people....But if you weren't pregnant, than you would look nice in that dress!"

How is my 6 year old so equipped already at productive female criticism?  I was pretty impressed. Chloe is pretty much the best kid ever.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lauren's Baby Shower

 I threw a baby shower here at my house this past weekend for my lovely friend Lauren.  I had help from my friends Steffanie and Katie.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  Baby girl showers take less creativity for me because it just has to be fancy and pink. Well in my opinion, girl things should be fancy and pink.  I am sure people disagree.

 I even have pink chairs. Well correction, my Dad has pink chairs. Still not sure why, but nevertheless he does.
 We made these chandeliers.  Too bad you can hardly see them in the picture, but they were really cute.  They were beasts to hang.  That's because I used fishing line.  Fishing line makes me insane with it's invisibility and flimsiness.  Both great qualities for fishing.  But extreme hardships for my fingers.  Try tying a knot with fishing line and you will see what I mean.
 Bougainvillea grows in abundance here in the springtime and it also looks amazing in a vase.  I put a ton of it everywhere and I really loved how it tied everything together. Also, it is free, its most important quality.
 Steffanie was in charge on the jars of pink lemonade.  They were a hit, I feel thirsty just looking at this picture.

 The menu:
spinach dip with bread and veggies
chicken salad and crescents
strawberry spinach salad
sun-dried tomato pasta salad
homemade oreos, raspberry shortbread cookies, cinnamon rolls, and lemon bars
pink lemonade

Macie waited patiently all afternoon to finally get her balloon. I brought home 12 balloons for decorations and the kids couldn't wait to get their hands on them.  I told them they could get a balloon when the party was over.  So Macie would ask me every half hour "Is it over yet?"  When it was finally over and she got her balloon, she immediately took it to her room, laid down in front of the small t.v. playing "Frozen" and fell asleep, balloon string in hand.  That was my favorite part of the day.
Today at church we were sitting behind an African American guy with a lot of braids in his hair.  Macie told me over and over and over and over again "Your hair not look like that."  And no matter how many times I said, "You are right, My hair does not look like that." she just kept on saying it.  I think she was very impressed with all the little braids.  Poor kid, maybe one day she will have enough hair to braid. Or put in a pony tail. Or do something with.  But I love her Einstein hair, especially when she wakes up and it looks like she was electrocuted.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break

I have thoroughly enjoyed this past week. Chloe has been home all week, and it has been heaven.  No schedule, no rushing to school in the morning, no homework, no frantic bedtime routine.  It almost makes me want to home school.  But I want chloe to be able to read so.... (this is not a diss to homeschooling.  I just know I am not the Mother to do it)  I am so sad she has to go back next week.  But summer is around the corner, and then baby comes...which makes me almost not dread the literal hell fire that comes to Phoenix in May.  Oh, and a wedding! I really milked Spring Break for all it was worth.  Last night Paloma spent the night and this morning we went to the fashion show at Nordstroms.  Never done one before, and it was so much fun.  Of course you had to buy something to participate, but that wasn't too hard. ; )  The girls picked out some sweet little dresses that I actually liked too. (miracle)  I did their hair and makeup.  Paloma wanted her hair curly, and chloe wanted her hair straight. sigh.  They all looked so cute.  Paloma didn't like the pink polka dot dress we had picked out earlier without her, she doesn't like pink, so she luckily found something blue and purple instead.  
It was all fun and games until macie almost died on the escalator.  She wouldn't hold Paloma's hand to go down, and before I could reach her, she went down on her own and fell head first.  A woman ran and saved her before my large pregnant self could make it over there to catch her.  It was terrifying.  And embarrassing. 

 I tried to get Macie to put her shoes on the right way for the fashion show, but she insisted she had them on correctly.

Other things we did this spring break:
St. Patrick's Day, went to the new Riverview Park with a million other park.  The girls loved the splash pad and the unique playground equipment. I feel I deserve some sort of award for braving the crowd and heat and actually taking them.  I did find a nice palm tree that provided me 5 inches of shade.
Macie had a difficult time getting herself completely covered by her towel.  I found her struggles with the towel quite entertaining.

We also went to a St. Patrick's Day party that evening where our friends made a massive corned beef and cabbage feast. 
"Frozen" came out this past week and my girls have watched it probably 50 times already.  
Also this week we went to the park with our friends, and took the kids to a trampoline place and IHOP afterwards with Grandpa. 
One of our best outings was going to Boyce Arboretum with Grandpa, Liz, and Chelsey.  The spring weather was beautiful and we took a long nature hike down a shaded path and saw (and smelled) all sorts of plants and trees.  There was even a little creek winding through the desert cliffs.  It was a perfect kind of day.  Then we came back home and ordered pizza.  
Last night I went to the new Gilbert Temple to see my friend Laree go through for the first time.  The temple is beautiful inside.  I don't think I mentioned how the past couple months our area has participated in an Open House for the new temple.  The temple was dedicated about three weeks ago.   Don and I volunteered at the open house as ushers.  I was first put in a VERY sunny place outside and was told to stand there for 3 hours and point people in the right direction.  But then a nice man looked at me and said, "Hmmm. This might not be the right job for you."  Thank goodness.  I would have been fried in a matter of 10 minutes, Not to mention I couldn't sit down which is not the most comfortable when you are used to a 2 hour afternoon pregnancy nap every day.  So I got moved to a nice chair in the shade where I got to untangle plastic shoe booties.  
The temple opening was an exciting event for our area.  I really appreciated the positive coverage it received and how our whole community, including people not of our faith, were very supportive of the whole thing.  It poured through the entire cultural celebration that the teenagers put on, and we watched on t.v.  The teenagers all had a memorable experience, and it was an amazing sight to see 12,000 teenagers working together and enjoying their time while doing it.  It almost made me want to be a teenager again.  For about a half of a second.  And then that feeling quickly faded. The whole thing was a wonderful and positive event and I am grateful we got to be a part of it in some small way.

(here's a video of the fashion show.)
I am kinda glad the girls appear to not have much natural skill for modeling.  And I have a man laugh that I need to work on.

Booger Teeth Washington Track Meet

Chloe participated in her school's track meet a few weeks ago.  She was so cute in her pink running shorts and pink tennies.  Macie kept telling us she wanted to race too.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Last week was a real treat for me. I've been in need of a good distraction, and last week I had a house full of visitors.  First Don's cousin that just got married, and her husband, came and stayed with us for a couple days.  We went out to their wedding a couple months ago in California. (Did I ever mention that?  Uh, that was a really fun, really fast 24 hour trip that Don, me and and Curtis took.  We stayed at a really nice hotel and really enjoyed their hot continental breakfast.  The kids stayed with Grandpa, and I ruined Chloe's life because she missed her friend's birthday party.  I have never felt that guilty in my life. )
Anyway, after they left, my childhood friend Jourdan came to visit.  She was a breath of fresh air. I stole her pictures, I hope she doesn't mind.  She stayed pretty busy with a work convention, but when she had free time, we made the most of it.
Don came with us to see "Saving Mr. Banks."  Which by the way, is NOT a comedy as advertised!  But it was really good even though it made me cry multiple times. We had pretty much a whole Saturday of girl fun.  We went for a walk to the park and then we went to Joe's Farm Grill and ate onion rings, a burger, sweet potato fries, and bbq chicken pizza  Then we went shopping and picked up snacks for her party she hosted at my house.  And through it all, we had great conversations about everything ranging from ridiculous to the meaning of life.
And after all the fun, the next morning she missed her flight back to Utah. Her flight was at 7 AM but Allegiant Airlines wouldn't let you check in past 6:15 AM. Lesson learned!  Luckily she found a ride back to Utah. (I was a little disappointed she didn't have to stick around a couple more days by default!)

Dad Days

Dad outings.
I love Dad outings.  Don took Chloe to a Valentine's Dance at her cousin's school.  She of course wouldn't let me pick out her clothes, and she also wanted her hair straightened. (A hair tragedy that I live day after day)

 Don takes the girls to the Home Depot free craft Saturday every month.  It's awesome.  They have made a calendar, a car, and a Trojan horse bank.  And by the way, acrylic paint does not come out of clothes.