Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pictures from Stacy's wedding


 Oscar is over 9 months now.  Bald as ever.  He is crawling and into everything.  He started out with his army crawl and he has moved into normal crawling. I miss his army crawl. It was amazing to see how fast he could slither around. He was super fast.  Now he has moved to standing up with support and climbing onto everything he can.  Walking is in his very near future.  He loves eating.  He is my best eater so far.  He will eat anything.  And he takes such joy in being fed.  He will go to anyone and just loves anyone who will pay attention to him.  He is taking swimming lessons too and enjoys it *most of the time.  we love him.
 I made this chocolate torte for Easter. It was a 2 day process.  It wasn't a perfect presentation, but not bad for my first time using a springform pan.  And I even tried to decorate the top. All in all, it wasn't a total flop.

 I was very proud of myself. So I took too many pictures.
 Here we are at Julie's house, Easter Sunday.

Chloe left this note for the Easter Bunny, she wanted the Easter Bunny to not forget about Troy and Lyla.
 This past month we have had a lot of fun.  For instance, last week I met up with my old High school chum (btw, gilbert blythe died last week, I just thought of that because of the word "chum," and I am seriously still depressed about it. And it makes me feel ancient. And my birthday is next week. which also makes me feel ancient. And our 10 year anniversary is tomorrow, which also makes me feel ancient. And Chloe is getting baptized next month. Which also makes me feel ancient. Bottom line. I feel ancient).  Anyway, it was so fun to catch up with Kristi. She is one of those friends where we can always just pick up where we left off from the last time we saw each other, which was like 2 years ago.
 Macie has been saying some hilarious things lately.  She has been begging me for a week to cut a slit in her Elsa costume so she can look more authentic. So I finally did because I was tired of the incessant begging.  I would like to thank Disney for making a Disney princess with some sex appeal, it really makes my life easier.  When she thought I wasn't watching, she would sing and act out the part in the song that goes, "Here I stand..."  (That would be the part in the song where Elsa stamps her foot and shows off the high slit in her dress).  I am pretty sure this was the main reason she needed the slit in her dress.  So now she can act out the song with more accuracy.  And I sewed the slit a little further down, because it was a little too high.

Also..last night Macie and I were having a little bedtime chat, and she got to talking about dying.  Yes, dying.  Let me tell you just how much I love these conversations.  I love talking about existential thoughts with children.  It is super easy.  I love being asked questions that are extremely depressing and difficult to answer.  Amidst the morbid conversation, she still managed to say something totally hilarious.  "I don't want to die! I don't want to dig a big hole. And put myself in a treasure chest! And then be put in the hole!"  Morbidly hilarious isn't it?  She thinks a casket looks like a treasure chest.  The whole thing is so creepy and funny and I just can't even talk about this anymore.
Later that night, we had moved on, and Chloe was telling us some story she made up about fairies and stuff,  and Chloe recently has been using this phrase "You see..."  I have noticed it for a few months. I have no idea where she got this phrase, but she uses it almost as frequently as she uses the word "and."  As Chloe is telling us this story, she throws in a "you see" and Macie whispers to me, "Mom? Why does Chloe always say 'you see'?"  It really made me laugh.  Only to myself of course. If Macie knew I thought she said something funny unintentionally, she would blow a gasket.
 Chloe had to write a paper on who she would pick for President of the United States. I was flattered that she chose me.  I wasn't her first choice, that would be her cousin Paloma, but I came in a close second.  She said she could only think of 1 reason Paloma would make a good President, but she could think of a few for me.
It reads:
"Would you like to have a really great president? If you do I think you will like my mom. I believe my mom would be the best president.  First she is smart. For example she knows 113+15! Another reason is that she is funny. In fact she sang the song wrong and it made me laugh so hard! Finally she is nice. An example is that she brought straws home for me and macie. All in all that is why I believe my Mom would be the best President."
That Chloe... she is mine.  All mine.  
 In other news, Macie passed a level in her swimming class which means she earned a medal. Awhile back,  Don told her she would earn medals for passing levels, in an effort to improve her attitude towards her swimming lessons.  She said, "shiny medals?"  So the encouragement worked.  Well she finally earned her first medal.  And her reaction was priceless.  She said to me, "Mom...this medal is not so shiny."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break and other things

Last week was spring break.  I loved having Chloe home and nothing on our schedule of places we had to be.  Unfortunately I got a nasty cold midweek which just really ticked me off.  
Before I forget, oscar is in swim lessons and he had a really good lesson today.  His teacher told me that he blew bubbles better than any 9 month old he has ever taught.  So I pretty sure Oscar is the next Michael Phelps.  Don is going to be pretty excited to hear that news.  Oscar is almost 9 months and slithers very quickly around the house.  It is time to baby proof the house. 

 Today I found Macie putting our pepper shaker in the chess set.  She thought that is where it belonged.  I thought it was hilarious.

So here was our Spring Break activities.
Monday after seriously weeks of begging, I let the girls have a lemonade stand.  Mostly Chloe was the beggar, but when their friends Ellie and Lily came over, I had 4 of them begging me to do a lemonade stand.  So I basically had no choice.  I made the fresh lemonade thank to some lemonade juice gifted to me from a friend, and I depleted our entire sugar supply to make it.  I think it had like 10 cups of sugar.  That is no exaggeration.  The girls had a ball. And they didn't do too bad with their profit either.  At 25 cents a cup, they made about $4.50, so they had quite a few customers.

Later that night we went and saw "Cinderella."  The girls have had that on their calendar ever since they heard it was coming out.  We tried to do a 4 PM showing but when we got to the theater we found out they were all sold out for the 4 PM show.  As well as the 5, 6, and 7 o' clock show. I was perplexed because that theater is never full.  And also when buying tickets you pick your seat before hand like you or going to the opera or something.   I had no idea this was a "thing" now.  I mean I think it is a good idea to be able to pick your seats and tickets online if you are a person that actually thinks ahead like that,  And I am not. So this procedure will probably never benefit a person like me.  Just frustrate me.  We ended up going to the 8 PM show.  The theater had been remodeled with leather reclining seats, something I did not know had happened. Hence, the picking your seat thing, and why they were sold out. They have like half as many seats now! We felt like queens reclining in our leather chairs. Unfortunately the 8 PM start time was too late for Macie and she was out halfway through the movie.  Also I brought Oscar so for most of the movie I sat in the crack of two leather seats holding a sleeping Oscar while acting as a pillow for Macie.  Typical.

While we killed some time by the movie theater, we went to Bass Pro Shop and walked around.
I taught the girls about taxidermy, as there is a lot of it at Bass Pro Shop.   Chloe saw and mannequin and asked, "Mom-do they do the same thing with people as they do with the animals?"
I should have said , "of course!" But I didn't.

A funny Macie story before I forget...We went to our friend Soren's baptism and after to his house for ice cream. As I was getting the girls in the car to go home from their house, Macie says to me, "Mom, I am soooooooo thirsty...I need to get an ice cream cream tastes like water." So after all the ice cream she had already had, she wanted me to buy her another ice cream cone.  And she tried to trick me by saying that ice cream is just like water! Silly girl.
Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day.  We had a park play date with a bunch of people from church.  I didn't have any green clothes, so Chloe made me a 4 leaf clover crown.  And then she made herself one.  And then she made me take a bunch of selfies with her,  

Wednesday we went down to the Salt River and had a picnic with our friends, the Carrs and the Martz.  It was a beautiful overcast day with a cool breeze.  We had a lovely time.  

By that afternoon I was feeling pretty crummy from my cold, Don took the girls over to Chloe's swim team practice and I was able to relax at home.

Thursday I laid around the house pretty much all day.  Don took the girls bowling  and to swim team practice again while I stayed home.

Friday we went over to our friend's house (Brooke) where the kids played in the sprinklers and then after that, I once again came home and laid around the house all afternoon feeling like my head might explode.

Friday night I forced myself to leave the house to see Chloe's swim meet.  Chloe is making so much exciting improvement with her swimming. Her form and speed are just getting better all the time. I am very impressed.  (I can't remember if I already mentioned, but at her school track meet, she placed 1st for long jump.  She has been practicing on our lawn ever since then, and she really can jump at least twice as far as I can. Which is not saying a lot though, since I can jump about 1 foot.)

Then Don and I went out to PF Changs for dinner with another couple and I tried not to spread my germs to everyone at the table.

 Saturday my cousin Stacey got married in Paradise Valley.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding.  Not a lot of shade, and we all sweated profusely.  I made the mistake of bringing Oscar.  Who was very good as far as babies go, but babies are just not meant for outdoor wedding venues with fancy food and no soft surfaces to crawl on.  The best part was giving him all sorts of fresh fruit to try for his first time.  Cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple...they all elicited the funniest faces from him.  They were so sour for his little taste buds.  I wish I had gotten video.  He was very entertaining.
It was nice to see so many people from my Dad's side of the family.  It has been awhile since I have seen any of them
That evening there was a little get together at my Dad's house. We didn't stay long.  I still felt pretty crummy from the cold and I had to give a talk in church the next day.
I was just glad I felt well enough to give my talk the next day, I was worried about that.
And then yesterday, it was back to our routine!  
I am looking forward to summer! Not the heat.  But getting Chloe all to myself.

 By the way, I love Oscar in hats so much.

Yesterday macie got the honey bear out and asked me if we had any bread. I said we were out and she said, "I guess I am just going to have to drink it then!"

We took our good friend Amy Paun out for dinner last night because she is moving this week, and Macie said to her when we met her at Red Robin, " We want to go to a different restaurant, one we like.  We want to go to McDonalds.  They have ice cream there."  I love Macie so much.  So we got dessert at McDonalds and all was well.

Yesterday Anna and Elise came over to play and while Anna left for her music lesson, the rest of the girls made an Easter egg hunt for her.  Chloe put notes in Easter eggs and then put the Easter eggs in a trail that led outside to their tea party. The notes said, "Go this way" with arrows to the next egg.  They are a sweet group of little girls.

Bowling with Dad

 Don took the girls bowling over spring break and I stayed home because I was sick.   Looks like they had a good time.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pregant Lady

 Macie is playing pregnant lady today and going by Miss Meliss.  She is having a baby Uni.  (ie. a rainbow colored stuffed animal ball).  She also was using my piano bench as her gynecological table at the "Doctor's Office."  so.....
She keeps asking me how babies get in your tummy.  And I keep telling her that I prayed for a baby and God blessed me with one.  Guess I better figure out a more scientific explanation because Macie is confused..."But I believe in Jesus?"  And she has obviously figured out that her believing in Jesus hasn't resulted in any babies.
 At church yesterday, an ahem, larger person walked by and Macie asked me, "Mom...why is she so big? Maybe she ate too much."

While reading her a bedtime story, Macie said to me, "Mom. Your voice smells HORRIBLE."

I can only imagine. I did eat a whole pizza a couple hours previously.

My friend subbed in Macie's primary class yesterday and she told me she told Macie she could take her picture home to finish coloring, and Macie said she couldn't do that because she "had plans."
 Chloe stayed home from church because she was sick and she got Macie all dressed and ready for church, including helping her get her church bag full of toys and activities.  Chloe is my little Mom and she loves helping. Macie loves being helped and she is Oscar's little Mom.  My kids are so good to each other *most of the time.  I love how they look after each other.

 Oscar continues to fulfill all my hopes and dreams of a baby boy.  During the day.  At night I am considering renting him out. He wakes up every hour and acts famished.  I guess he is under the impression that he is the heir to the throne or something. During the day he is all smiles and rainbows and sunshine. And scooting himself all around, although he still is not a fan of sitting up.  Guess he has no time for sitting when he could be scooting.

This is Chloe in her Valentine's Day outfit.  It is currently her favorite outfit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chloe's poem, V-Day and Presidents Day

 Valentines Day was on Saturday this year, but It seems we had a  whole Valentine's Day weekend. Chloe of course wanted a valentine's day outfit to wear to her school party on Friday.  Macie didn't have any particular wishes, well except for candy, but that is every day.
(by the way, I was given chocolate truffles and today Macie told me that she would put them under her bed so that they wouldn't melt. She is always looking out for me.  I am confident I will never see those truffles again.  also, another funny Macie story...she was complaining of her ear hurting, we figured it was water in her ear so we told her to go lay down in her bed so it could come out.  she said, "But I don't want to get my bed all wet.")
Anyway.  After school and after Macie had her Valentine's party at Music Makers, I took them to the Mesa Childrens Museum with some of their friends.  And we also got lucky and ran into Danny and Mo.  Later that evening, Liz took Chloe to a ballet.  When Liz showed up to pick up Chloe, Macie answered the door, saw Liz's sparkly dress and said, "Your dress is bootiful."  Chloe had a fun time at the ballet and apparently asked Liz a lot of questions about what was going on.
Saturday was a busy day, nothing to do with Valentine's Day.  Went to the gym, Soccer games, breakfast with Heather for her birthday, played piano for a funeral, all before 2 PM.  Chloe really wanted to have a party so we played heads up 7 up as a family and the girls gave me a mammoth size valentine as well as handmade cards throughout the day.  They were so sweet. Then that evening we had Stake Conference. So for Valentine's Day we went to church.  I have to hand it to Don though.  He actually thought ahead and made a really nice dinner for us all on Sunday.  I did nothing. I took a nap while he cleaned and cooked and then cleaned again.  It was very domestic of him.  He was a way better valentine than I was.  Sunday evening we went to the Paun's house for dessert night.  So the weekend was jam packed and then I got a cold, which is what usually happens after a busy weekend.
 I took these pictures of Oscar at Macie's swim lesson.  He was very interested watching the kids swim. Also, I love this thing he does with his mouth,
 Yesterday was President's Day and I was so happy Chloe didn't have school.  We met up with Rachelle and her kids in Anthem.  We found a really fun park. We had a picnic, rode a train, and let the kids soak up the sun and beautiful weather.  Although I think I might have ruined Chloe.  She was complaining that it was too hot.  I might have a tendency of complaining about the weather being hot. Don told me that he would give me $10,000 if I didn't complain about the weather for a whole year. He was completely serious.  I already failed. But it has been in the 80's in February. Come on!!
Last week Chloe came home from school with this poem. She said she wrote it during her free time she earned in school for being "on pink."  It is part of her classroom reward system for good behavior.  She told me she was allowed to pick one friend to participate in her free time activity. She picked a girl with some diagnosed social difficulties, but her teacher said she needed to pick someone else because she was not making good choices that day.  I asked chloe why she picked her, and Chloe said, "Well she is new in class, and I didn't think anyone else was ever going to pick her."  Hearing that filled me with happiness.  Chloe is an amazingly sensitive and conscientious child.  I look up to her, she is genuinely kind.  I was so impressed with this poem she wrote:
"When things get hard just start.  You might get it right.  Don't be sad be glad for all your blessings."

I wish I could take credit for her wisdom, but I certainly cannot!  In fact, I have decided to take Chloe's advice from now on.  When things get hard...just start.  Isn't that the truth-the hardest part is always the starting.  I asked her if her teacher tells her this ("no!") or perhaps Dad? ("no!")  "I just came up with it in my own mind!"
Like I said, she's pretty amazing.  (and so are Oscar and Macie. I am a middle child.  I get it.)