Monday, August 17, 2015

summer days drifting away...

Well the summer days have drifted away, but that doesn't mean the summer heat has.  Of course it is still "summer" but for some reason I think the summer weather should officially end the same day school starts.  Chloe started school last week, today is her 4th day.  And we have had the hottest summer weather we've had the whole season the past couple weeks. We went to Sunsplash a couple weeks ago, and it was on an especially hot day.  I slathered sunscreen religiously on my self every hour, and still managed to get a sunburn.  My kids had a fantastic time, so I guess the skin damage was worth it.  Thankfully my Dad watched Oscar, bringing him would have been miserable.  Toddlers are always only a moment away from serious injury or death as it is, add lots of swimming pools  and you are destined for disaster.  We went with Mo and Danny and Emily.  Chloe was willing to try all the slides, and I think she did most of them besides the free fall one.  Macie needed much more coaxing.  The first slide she tried was a kid's rubber slide.  she inched her way down that slide, determined not to actually let herself slide.  No amount of yelling from me, the lifeguard, or the gathering line of people could convince her otherwise.  She finally let go with 2 feet left to slide, came out of the water with a big smile on her face, and raced back up the stairs to try it again.  Thankfully she didn't back up the slides any more times that day.  Every time I tried to get her to ride a new slide, we went through a mini panic attack, followed by "let's do it again!"  
Anyway, we had a good, and exhausting time.  I am glad I finally took my kids there.  

Like I mentioned, Chloe started school last week.  She was much more excited than I was.  I hate sending her away to school.  I miss her when she is gone.  I loved having all my little ducklings with me for the summer.  Of course we had our fair share of fighting and days of too much t.v., but overall, we had a terrific time this summer.  We didn't really take any trips, but we spent a lot of time together at our local museums followed by ice cream treats at slickables, and A LOT of swim meets.

Chloe likes her teacher and has a lot of her old friends in her new class.  That made me feel a lot better about sending her to school.  Of course she was very particular about her outfit and everything being just right. She needed to have all the right school supplies, and by "right" I mean she needed a pink dry erase marker, a pink highlighter, and hand sanitizer to attach to her backpack.  Thank goodness she is still into Frozen this year and was fine with using her old Frozen backpack from last year.
Macie doesn't seem to be too sad about the separation.  I asked her if she was sad Chloe was going back to school and she said, "no."  I think she likes the alone time.  I am adjusting to the new school year. I am afraid I don't embrace change all that well.  She had her last teacher for 2 years in a row and we miss her, even though we really like her teacher this year. It's just change.  I don't like the feeling of newness...and yet I am always longing for wonder I am always discontent! Just kidding.  kinda.  

She was complaining about her stomach hurting in this picture.  I think it was nerves. Aaahhh Chloe.  She is so good.  She told me one of her teachers was "inappropriate." I shall not mention their name for obvious reasons.  I asked her why. She told me because they make noises that sound like "toots" and she likes to say the word "fart,"  Can I tell you just how happy I am that she doesn't appreciate that kind of humor?

We had one last hurrah the day before school started, we went to a bouncy place.  They played for 2 hours. And for 2 hours I followed Oscar around because everywhere I turned he was getting himself into some sort of predicament.  That kid loved the slides.  No fear whatsoever. I took him down some pretty steep slides and he loved it.

The best part was him and the floating ball thing.  He loved putting the ball on the top of the air blowing thing and watching it float.  every time, he was amazed.  And then he would try to grab it ever so carefully.  He only grabbed and caught it successfully once.  But he started to figure it out.  He tried with two hands to capture it. It was a lot of fun watching him trying to figure things out.
And here is Oscar sleeping sitting up in crib.
And us going to the Idea museum.  Macie begged me for this hideous Elsa hat.  I love her whole ensemble.
I was listening to the opening song from "Downton Abbey" in the other room, and Macie must have excellent hearing because she heard it and said, " This is a sad song.  It sounds like a tornado is going to come in."  For some reason she has been obsessed with tornadoes lately.  I think we watched some show about the tornado that killed a few elementary school children a few years ago, and it must have really stuck in her mind.  She is also obsessed with sharks and wants to know what they eat. "Can sharks eat curtains...can sharks eat sharks eat swimming pools...can sharks eat dinosaurs..." questioning along these lines.
Here is our trip to the mall.  Joy of joys.  I hate taking the kids to the mall,  Its practically impossible to get them out of there.  Or the Disney store.
Oscar liked crawling down this slide head first.

I solved that stupid merry go round problem. I told them they could ride it if they used their own money,  So they paid for it once and then were satisfied.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

More 4th of July

 Just a few Saundra took...

Adam's Birthday

Benihanas for Adam's birthday. First time ever going. We had a great time.  Even Chelsey liked it, which is really saying something.

More Pictures From Don's Phone

 we have so many pictures in front of swimming pools, it's impossible to keep them all straight. I *think this is the meet at Mclincock.  The lane divider was not working and we all spent a lot of time waiting around.  Here's Macie waiting.  But I think that might have been the first meet that she saw all four strokes.
 She loves getting ribbons.  I have no idea what to do with all of their ribbons. I've thought I should make some sort of cool wall art with all of them. Like I could take all them and make like a peacock! But then I remember I am horrible at crafts. And art.
 My delightful Oscee boy.
 This was the night she got 2 pink ribbons. She was so excited because they were pink.  They were 7th place...but they were pink!
 This is from our lake trip with the Martz's.  I was a gimp and could hardly walk, let alone wake board (*try to that is, I haven't successfully gotten up yet, so it seems dishonest to say I wake board. I water board, ie my face smacks into water)  About every 6 months I stub my pinkie toe into the corner of a wall and can't walk for a few days.  You would think I would learn, and wear shoes around the house.
 Oscar fell asleep.  He didn't even mind wearing a life vest.  I think he laughed when I put him in it.  He is a very good natured little boy.
 I did manage to get on the raft once and go for a ride with the girls.  That was a lot of fun.

 I love this picture of Macie getting ready to swim.
 These are from the 4th of July swim meet,

 These are the matching outfits we bought the kids.  such cuties.

 Not sure what happened to Oscar here!
 Pool party at Kay's house.

 Our friends the Goldthorpes are moving, and they had a going away party.  Captain America came.  I'm pretty sure my girls have no clue who Captain America is, but they wanted a picture with him anyway.
 More pictures from Kay's house.

 Chloe getting ready for her race, she is in the pink cap.
 Macie hanging out with Dad at a city meet.  I tried to go, but keeping Oscar from drowning and myself from heat stroke I tapped out after one race.  Luckily Dad convinced Macie to stay and hang out with him so he wasn't too lonely.  I think this is the swim meet she was disqualified, and Macie offered Chloe to give her one of her medals.
 Another swim meet...this was one of there very last ones of the season.
 Jake got home from his mission July 22nd. We met him at the airport.  His little brother died about 5 months into his mission, and he had many miracles happen on his mission after his brother died.

 Awards ceremony for Dobson Dolphins.
 Macie finally passed Bronze 2 at Swim kids.  You can tell she was pretty happy to get another "shiny medal."

 More pictures of the airport.  Look at Chloe and Oscar in the back.

 Macie up at front getting her "Delightful Dobson Dolphin" award.

 That's Coach Evan up front. She loved Evan. He was so nice to her and all the kids.

 Macie with the 1st year swimmers.
 Chloe with the 3rd year swimmers.

Dancing after the awards ceremony.