Tuesday, September 9, 2014

 Yesterday we had a record breaking amount of rain.  Schools were actually canceled because of rain. Never in my whole time living here has school been affected by weather. It was awesome.  Of course I had already taken Chloe to school when I got the phone message that if your child wasn't at school, they would be excused.  I would have been totally fine with Chloe playing hookie.  I took some pictures of the lake by the school.  The water went out of its cement boarder and is actually over the sidewalk.  I guess some people have some serious damage to their houses from flooding, but for us we just marveled at the parking lot lakes and all the water.  When you live in the desert, seeing so much water is exciting.

 The rain worked out well for us too because we planted grass a couple days before.  I love my grass.  I want to lay in it and make grass angels.  But Don says I am not allowed to yet.  But look at the huge difference it makes to my house:

Before our house said, "Come in.  It is hot and dirty."  And now my house says, "Come in! It's cool and refreshing in here! Want some lemonade?"  Don deserves some sort of major reward.  I was out helping for a little while, and I was grateful for the times when Oscar cried and needed me to come feed him.  I was speaking like Scarlett O' Hara in my head, saying things like, "Oh my! Look at my pretty hands covered in dirt.  Ladies aren't made for this sort of thing!"
 Little Oscar is smiling now, and is good at being adorable.
Macie told me the other day that she didn't want any cucumbers because they taste like dirty water.  I thought that was an extremely accurate description.

Also...She was watching a youtube kid's video in spanish and she came up to me and asked, "Mom, why do they sound like this: (and then she did her version of made up spanish words.)"

Don bought some stick on thingees for the bottom of our chairs so they don't squeak when they move.  Chloe made a gift last night for her teacher, including these sticky things and a note explaining how to use them.  She said that her teacher's stool always squeaks and so these would be helpful.  It was the cutest note, with instructions and an illustration. I love how Chloe thinks of other people and loves giving nice notes and gifts.

Monday, September 1, 2014

You know what is weird? The view counts on my blog posts have gone up exponentially.  I have no idea why.  I am quite positive that it is not because a plethora of people have become interested in stories about my kids, so this leads me to wonder why the increase.  My one real reader, (erin) do you have any ideas?  You can ask your brother, the one who now works in the West Wing of the white house now, doing computer stuff.  

Chloe asked me the other day, "Mom will you still like me when I get older?"  And of course I said yes and why...and she said, "Well I hear other Moms saying mean things about their kids when they are not around." Chloe has noticed Moms gossiping about their teenage kids and she was worried that I wouldn't like her when she became a teenager.  I am constantly amazed by how observant Chloe is.

 Oscar is 2 months old today.  This boy is happy when he is held and when he is eating and for about 10 minutes after eating. I seriously feed this kid 24 hours a day.  I cannot get anything done.  If he eats a bottle he will be happier for a longer space of time.  He does like being snug as a bug in my baby carrier.  He has smiled a few times, but it is not consistent yet.  I am looking forward to that.  Newborns just seem so disgruntled or indifferent their first few weeks of life.  and it is just because they don't smile.  So I wonder, "Are you happy?  Am I adequately fulfilling my duties as a Mother, because you certainly don't seem impressed!"

With school starting, I have tried (unsuccessfully) to come up with a routine.  Mostly it is the homework that is killing me.  so I made a rule, no t.v. until rooms are clean, recycle is out, and your homework is done.  I thought those were 3 pretty easy responsibilities to fulfill.  It didn't work.  Chloe just told me, "That's okay, I don't really care about watching t.v." So my rules solved the too much t.v. problem but did nothing for the homework issue.  I hate Chloe's homework.  It is actually my homework.  The worst is the 2 full pages of math facts that I constantly have to redirect her attention to.  So I still haven't figured out a productive way to get her to do her homework.  But Chloe is like me.  she likes making lists.  Not actually doing the things on the list, but making them.  So she filled my fridge up with more jobs that she wasn't planning on doing.  We even agreed on a reward, her idea. If they did all their jobs for three weeks in a row, they could get the "elsa closet."  (another "Frozen" accessory to add to their collection.  Which by the way, did I mention that I finally found them Elsa barbies, and they played with them for 2 days before they became part of the "old, no longer exciting" toys pile).  Anyway, I think they tried to follow their list for about 1 day, even with the promise of that beloved Elsa closet.  I do really like all her illustrations though and specifications for who does the job and how often.  My favorite is Macie has a potty job "every day."  She has the most x's.

 I have mentioned how my girls hate to get rid of anything.  Well we are putting in grass and we just got rid of these rocks.  When the rocks were getting picked up by a landscaping crew to put into someone elses yard, the girls ran out to grab their most special crystal rock.  The rock they have not cared about for months, the rock sitting on the side of the yard in a pile, just waiting to be pawned off on someone else who likes rocks and dirt and desert.  Macie actually picked up that heavy rock and brought it into my house to save it from its' impending adoption.  Don bribed her with an ice cream cone if she would give it away and I told her we could take a picture of it so we could always remember it:
We also finally sold our Mazda and Chloe had to sit in it and mourn a few minutes before letting it go.  Oddly enough I felt a little sad seeing that little car drive away too, but then I remembered what a money pit that car is.
 I liked Chloe's answers on this one.

 I also love Chloe's answer on this one:
 Chloe wrote me this note:

 (August 17th) This past weekend we went on our ward campout.  Don was in charge of the whole thing and did a super job.  And as usual, we took pretty much no pictures except for the pudding drop.
I actually slept better on the campout than I have in a very long time.  The girls had a good time, well I know Chloe did, not sure about Macie.  When it was time to go to bed she said to me, "Mom, let's go home." And in the morning the first thing she said was, "Mom, let's go home." I am pretty sure she just wanted to get home to play with her newly acquired ceramic unicorn.  Macie likes to hang around me, while Chloe just wants to go play  with other kids.  One of the highlights of the campout was they found a bunch of :treasures" underneath the elevated outdoor pavilion.    They collected them and brought them home, which I was soooo happy about.  Because we need more random junk around here.  Chloe was mad at me when she found out I had tossed out a broken pen and colored plastic tie things which none of us knew what they were used for.  In fact my kids won't let me throw anything away.  They will go through my trash and lecture me about how I shouldn't have thrown this or that away.  They are little hoarders.  At church Chloe had a roll of toilet paper to blow her nose.  When all the toilet paper was used, I went to throw the cardboard roll away.  She told me I couldn't throw it away because she could make a telescope with it.
Anyway, the campout was fun even though I felt even more gross than usual camping, being that I had a baby with me 24/7 that was making me very sweaty.

Chloe started school august 6th.  And I got no pictures as usual. so I will just tell you what she wore, because of course she put a lot of thought into it.  She wore her "Elsa" t-shirt and star skort.  She borrowed Macie's new "Frozen" backpack complete with Frozen water bottle and Frozen lunch box. Her outfit and backpack all had to coordinate.  You see her first request was for a "Tangled" backpack and a "Tangled" dress.  We found a Tangled dress, but no backpack to her liking.  So she couldn't wear the Tangled dress without a matching backpack, so decided to use Macie's Frozen backpack and wear her Frozen clothes.  She cracks me up.  I was glad she finally got excited to go back to school.  All summer, she would freak out whenever the subject of school was brought up.  She luckily got the same teacher as last year which I think cut down on her apprehension, and she is the same class as one of her best friends.  I didn't cry the first day of school this year, just got a little lump in my throat when I hugged her and said goodbye and watched her unpack her backpack by her desk.  I love that kid.  And I miss her when she is at school.  I asked Macie if she misses Chloe and she said, "No...I mean yes."  Clearly she has figured out the socially acceptable answer to that question.  But I don't think Macie minds her "me" time.  Here are the girls making pencil holders, the Home Depot back to school craft.

Macie stories:
The other day Don was watching the kids and when I came home, Don told me that something strange had happened. Oscar was crying in his crib, and then his crying stopped.  So he went to check and saw that Oscar was no longer in his crib, but was now laying on the couch.  By the crib was a small rocking chair that was tipped over.  We deducted that Macie had stood on the rocking chair, got Oscar out, and then must have tipped over the rocking chair while stepping down.  We asked Macie if she had fallen when she was getting Oscar out of the crib and she said 'yes, I just said sowwy Oscar....sowwy Oscar..."  So we have to have eagle eyes with Macie when it comes to Oscar.

She has been falling asleep in the early evening and instead of waking her up so she can go to bed at a normal time, we have been letting her sleep, because to wake her is to unleash a zombie beast.  Which means she wakes up around 4 AM.  well that happened the other night and she came into our room and was chattering away and we told her to go away.  She ran out of our run, her feelings obviously hurt, and I was so tired, I was just glad the chattering had stopped.  well in the morning I Went into the girls' room and found Macie sleeping next to Chloe.  I asked Chloe how she had gotten there, and she said, "well I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard Macie playing with the barbies in the dark.  So I said, 'Macie! Come to sleep! You are going to be so tired in the morning!' So she came and slept by me."  Those girls take good care of each other.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hospital Photo Shoot

Baby Oscar Photo Shoot

Don says we look like the family from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  He says couches are for sitting, beds are for sleeping.  Our family seems to have these rules reversed. (If I had a dollar for every time macie has peed on my couch while napping...I could buy a new couch.)