Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Stuff

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  We had a pretty laid back day.  And that was fine with us.  In the morning we went to the ward breakfast. The girls loved the slip and slide.  And decorating their bikes for the bike parade...which I didn't get a picture of. (typical)  Right after that Macie went to her swim lesson, she is making a lot of progress.  She went up a level in just two weeks, she was really excited to ring the bell again and get a new blue ribbon.  She used to be so afraid of her eyes and face going in the water, but she practices on her own now putting her eyes in the water, I love seeing her new found confidence.  Speaking of Macie, she is eating an ice cream bar for breakfast as I speak.  Wow. My kids could get away with murder at this point because of the effort it requires for me to do pretty much anything.  
Anyway, the rest of the afternoon we cleaned, then napped, and then took the kids to see Fireworks out at Shnepf farms.  But we were too late to get into Shnepf farms (that was a shocker) so we just parked our car close by and watched from a dirt turn off.  Which actually worked out pretty well. We got sundaes and powerade from McDonalds, so the kids were satisfied.  And then they fell asleep on the way home, but of course woke up as soon as we got home.  It was a nice day.
Last week was also my brother and my Dad's birthday, and Tyler had his missionary homecoming.  No pictures of any of that.  We had a good time visiting with family after attending church to hear Tyler speak.  Later that evening we went to my Dad's house to eat hot dogs and cake for Adam's birthday.  We played a couple games. Dad was still in Colorado.  I guess it was our chance to relive our lost youth and have a party at the house without any parental supervision.  It was a really wild party.  We even got the ice cream out.
Dad's birthday was July 2nd and the girls were really excited to decorate, so I took them to Party City where they picked out some balloons  (which more than half popped on Dad's stupid popcorn ceiling), and some streamers.  They picked out rainbow streamers and Chelsey and the girls put them up around his house in random and funny ways.  Then we ordered some take out Mexican food and we played some Wii Party games and had cake.  I don't know how my Dad felt about, he is usually content to let the day pass without any sort of celebration, but my girls are excited for any sort of party.

And Chloe is making a lot of progress with her swimming too.  And I really like that it is something that Don and her enjoy doing together.  And I just try to stay out of the sun as much as I can.

See that little weird puff ball Macie is holding? Best 5 dollars I've ever spent.  She saw it at Party City a few days ago and I told her we could come back and buy it if she used the potty.  And she actually did! So I drove a half hour back to the store to buy it the next day. And she used the potty the whole day the day we bought it! We might have turned a corner.  At least she doesn't seem scared of the potty anymore, which I think was her problem, she couldn't figure out how to relax so she could "go."  

I thought the girls were both asleep when I took this picture, but it looks like Chloe caught me.  It is sooo nice driving our new Ford Explorer with air conditioning in the back seats. The girls now complain of being cold, which is saying something when it is 105+ outside every day.  Although now that I look at this picture a little longer, I think this might be inside our Mazda, I just have to add that for journalistic accuracy.

 A couple weeks ago Macie had a tantrum and I banished her to her room.  When the gnashing of teeth stopped I went to go check on her, and I found her in the corner asleep.  Chloe then proceeded to build a fort around her, cover her with a blanket, and place some some books next to her, so when she woke up she would have something to do.  Chloe is like the Indian guy in "Little Princess."

In other news, I am still pregnant!! Hooray! Not. Really.  Having Macie at 37 weeks is making anything past that seem eternal.  I am officially 38 weeks and the way I get through the day is to say, "maybe today!"  I am trying to distract myself because if I have too much alone time to think, I want to rip my hair out and run around like a crazy person screaming, "take this out!!!!"  In fact, I had better stop talking about it because just felt that familiar claustrophobic feeling up in my throat.

Friday, June 27, 2014

*Wednesday night Don's nephew came home from his mission.  So we went to the airport to welcome him back.  
*I am 37 weeks tomorrow.  Which is when Macie was born.  Baby boy is already 7 pounds 5 ounces.  Part of me wants him to come now, part of me is happy to have him wait a couple weeks for my scheduled inducement.  I am terrified I will miss the window for an epidural because my medication (heparin) has to be timed right in order to get my epidural.  Basically I have 12 hours to wait after taking my last does of heparin for it to be safe to get an epidural.  I am TERRIFIED of doing this thing naturally.  It is obviously causing me some anxiety, I could barely get to sleep last night thinking about it.  I realize there is only one way out of this now and it involves quite a bit of pain.  
* Macie had some good ones today.  We were at Target and she saw a girl with blue hair and she said, "Hey! That Mom has blue hair!" And trying to intercept another too honest opinion I said, "Yep. Isn't it pretty?"  To which she replied, "No! It's weird!"  And that's when you just hope that the person being talked about has really bad hearing.  Also, she looked to be too young to be a Mom, so that was probably more offensive than the hair comment.
Also tonight: We were at a party and Macie got wet playing outside with the other kids.  She came inside and was mad about it and told me, "I'm all watered up! But I'm not a plant!"  I thought it was the one of the top 10 funniest things she has ever said and I couldn't help laughing.  Which made her mad.  Macie really hates people laughing at her, she takes herself very seriously.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

 Remember how I can't stop complaining about my feet and being pregnant?  well I went and bought some special flip flops with arch support.  Here they are.  I won't divulge how much they cost because I think it is a crime.  But I was desperate.  They seem to be helping.  I am on the final countdown now.  I am officially 36 weeks.  Which means I could have this baby any day now (but probably won't).  I am day dreaming of not being pregnant anymore.  Things I am day dreaming about: sleeping on my back and on my stomach, for my feet to not hurt, for my leg rashes to disappear, to run, to wear normal size clothes, to not have to give myself shots anymore, to not be freaked out about how bad labor is going to hurt.  Of course a new baby is also a pretty great plus.  I would like to fast forward time and get to the good part knowing that there is bound to be some unpleasantness, I mean labor is not super fun, either is the first couple weeks after having a baby.  But it will be worth it.  I just keep telling myself that.  I mean look at this kid-she is priceless.
Here is Chloe meeting Breeja Larson. swim kids had a big event and she was there for publicity.  She won a gold medal in London as part of the women's relay team (I think).  I asked her to give Chloe some advice and she told her to "remember to have fun, because if you aren't having fun, you won't swim fast."   I was kind of surprised, I was thinking she would say something like, "work really hard and practice a lot."  But I liked that she said to have fun.  I think Chloe is having fun.  We have fun as a family watching her race, and Macie loves being pumped full of snacks at her swim meets.  She seriously eats for 2 hours straight.

Macie Quotes

Upon drinking her lemonade, she returned the cup to me half full and said, "I like the juice, but I don't like the worms."

We drove our new Ford Explorer to a wedding and that was the first time Macie had taken a ride in the new car.  She was wondering a few days later when we would be driving it again and she asked me, "Where is the wedding car?"

At the wedding they gave out sparklers, afterwards she said, "I want more of the sticks and fire. I liked those."

My Dad was telling her that he grew up on a farm with horses and she asked, "and unicorns?"

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Wedding

 The wedding was perfect.  They chose to have it at the Landmark, which was really nice because the venue did the decorating and food, so we basically just got to show up and enjoy the night.  Fernanda chose green and yellow as her colors.  Her family all showed up in yellow, and my family all chose green, and we didn't even email each other about it!  Finding something to wear and being pregnant was a hard combination.  I hope Fernanda didn't mind that I wore a white dress.  Even Erin showed up in green without any coordination on our part.  I am beginning to think that humans can send radio waves through our brains that allow our thoughts to interconnect. There can be no other logical explanation. (aren't the little bouquets cute? My friend Steffanie made them for my girls)

 This is right when we arrived.  I am not sure what was up with Macie.

 That guy above was the one that married them.

 I love that Chloe takes good care of Macie and always leads the way. They both acted pretty bashful over their duties as flower girls.

 They were so precious, I just want to scoop them up and kiss them!  Macie and the little boy behind her, got to be good friends during the reception, chasing each other around.

 These are probably the first family pictures with my siblings that I have had since my wedding, which was 9 years ago.  It is way past due.  Too bad none of them turned out very well! Between Chelsey and my kids the chances of a good shot were pretty small. Oh well. Chelsey looked so cute at the wedding.  I gave her the whole scrub down and glam squad treatment, which I don't think she really appreciated. But I was shocked that she didn't put up too much of a fuss.  When I left the house after getting her ready, I left her in her new gold flats.  But when she showed up to the wedding, she had put on white mismatched athletic socks.  Of course.  So I convinced her to take off the socks for the pictures.  And then I just "forgot" to give her back her socks.  Although I feel kind of bad because the next day she told me that her shoes had given her blisters, the worst thing that could ever happen.  So I am a terrible sister.  But she did look really cute.  And I am sure I will never be able to get her to wear those gold shoes again as they will be forever labeled as blister makers.

 But Chelsey did have a good time, besides the blisters.

 My brother prepared a few songs for the reception, which was really cool.  He did a really great job.
 One of the most unexpected parts of the evening was when our friends from my childhood showed up.  I haven't seen them since I was 16? Wendy motioned at Liz and me to come over to her, and both of us had no idea who she was or why she was motioning us to come over.  I don't know when it finally clicked or how, but suddenly I realized who they were and it was just really cool to see them after all these years. When we were kids they spent a lot of time with our family.  I remember specifically flying kites, and Easter Egg hunts with them.  They never had any children, and they treated us like gold.  This was about the time in the evening when Macie fell asleep and I thought my feet were going to fall off.


 The dancing portion of the girls loved it.

And it seemed as soon as the weekend started, it was over.  I don't think the whole weekend could have gone any better.  Seeing old friends and spending time with family members we hardly ever get to see, combined with a great party and a wonderful event to celebrate, made for a weekend of wonderful memories.  I am so happy for my brother and to have a sweet new sister in law.